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To all of our faithfull fans (yes you 2) thank you. To all the current and past members of Blue Rock, we salute you.

Blue Rock Mark 3
The current lineup of 'Blue Rock' is Mike Leonard on drums, Trev Whittington on lead guitar, Carl Mcdonald on keys, Gary Sowray on bass and Rudi Enos on vocals. We are simply a covers band that likes variety while staying true to our blues rock roots. The band still play blues and rock, with somewhat more emphasis on rockin' blues than previously. We are playing 2 or 3 times a month in the South Yorkshire area. We try and play songs that the audience haven't heard recently but which is instantly recognisable. Our previous drummer, Phil Padley had to leave for personal reasons and is much missed as a friend.

For a while, this lineup consisted of Chris Pemberton on lead guitar, Gary Sowray on bass, Karl Ruston on drums and Rudi Enos on vocals. The fact that 2 of the band were from the first lineup and 2 from the last is ironic. All of the current and previous members of 'Blue Rock' are still friends and most still play music.

Blue Rock Mark 2
In 2003, some of the regulars at the 'Effingjam' jam night (see decided to put a set together and became briefly 'Old Number 7', probably in tribute to how much of the stuff was downed at rehearsals. This lineup comprised John Shepperd on drums, Malc Westly on bass, Martin Shaw and Rob Bailey on guitars and Rudi Enos on vocals. These were soon joined by Ralph Atkinson on keys, with Rob leaving and soon did their first gig under the Blue Rock banner. Eventually Paul Mole and Mick Holcroft did periods on bass, with both Graham Shaw and Karl Ruston playing drums. The band played regularly at Rudis Blues Cafe through 2008 and 2009. This lineup played together until summer 2009 when entropy once again set in. During that summer the band played several gigs with a scratch lineup of Rudi Enos on vocals, Joe Dudziak on keys, Karl Ruston on drums, Chris Ryan on bass, Steve Gascoigne on harmonica and guitar and Chris Pemberton on lead guitar. Karl, Steve and Chris Pemberton were playing in 'The East Street Band' at that time.

During a period which saw Rudi Enos, Jow Dudziak and Karl Ruston performing as a soft jazz/blues/pop trio called 'Me an Joe an Moe', some of the ex 'Blue Rock' members formed a band called Reutemann', so called as the singer, Carl Bartholomew was nicknamed 'Carlos' and so was the grand prix driver, 'Carlos Reutemann'. The lineup of the ex 'Blue Rock' members was Carl Bartholomew on vocals, Martin Shaw on guitar, Ralph Atkinson on keys and sax, Andy 'Gas' Tomlinson on bass and Mal 'Malcoholic' James on drums. This band is still playing with a different lineup.

Blue Rock Mark 1
Blue Rock started in 1995 with Chris Carney on guitar, Gary Sowray on Bass and Rudi Enos on vocals. They were soon joined by Tony 'leadfoot' Wild on drums, and Chris Middleton on keys. The band played blues and rock so the name stuck. This lineup was together for some 5 years before entropy set in and the remainder of the guys went through a few name changes such as 'Rusty Bullet Holes', (Chris Carney's contribution to the broad canvas that is music history), '2 Hats' and other such lovely names. Gary Sowray and Chris Middleton played with Tiger Feet, a crackin club band that won awards, for several years before they too stopped gigging.

In 2001, Rudi Enos joined up with Luke Pepper of 'Achtung Baby' one of the best U2 tribute bands in it's early guise, later to be in U2-2, currently the best U2 tribute touring, see They played as 'Rude Boy Rock' with Paddy Doyle on bass, Malcolm Patterson on drums, and Chris Middleton on keys. They wrote a dozen or so of their own songs, some of which are on the media page of this site.